I've written before about blog migrations. This site started out as a Wordpress blog but I migrated to static generation when it got hacked and filled with anti-semitic propaganda. I started with Blogofile in 2011, which solved my problems at the time but was a bit of a pain to work with. I migrated to Jekyll in 2012 because it was better maintained and easier to find help with. I almost migrated to Hugo when I was frustrated with the performance of Jekyll but changing all the templates was too much work and I decided to simplify the site instead, removing most of the messy features that made Jekyll slow.

This week, I've migrated everything to Eleventy. I've been thinking of using a javascript tool for a while since that's what I work with professionally all the time these days. I started by following this post by Alex Pearce and fixed a few more random issues along the way.

The main thing I had to fix for myself was the post iteration on the homepage. I wanted to show the most recent 5 posts and the syntax for that is different from Jekyll's.

{% assign latest_posts = collections.posts | reverse | slice: 0, 5 %}
{% for post in latest_posts %}
{% endfor %}

I've been impressed by how easy it was to work with my existing markdown files from Jekyll. I've also been impressed by how much faster Eleventy is than Jekyll.