It has been a while since I last wrote anything for this blog but I think about it occasionally. I was planning to get back into writing but the thought of Jekyll's slow build process put me off.

To address the static site build time, I got most of the way through a port to Hugo before I realised that many of Jekyll's performance problems had been solved in the last year or two. I was also concerned that I might struggle to get some of the features to work correctly, since I use an esoteric plugin to build tag index pages.

Well, the tag problem is easily solved - I have removed the plugin and the pages from the site, simplifying the build and reducing the number of things that can slow it down or break the site. This also seemed like a good opportunity to simplify article and post headers and I ended up fiddling with the colours a bit while I was playing around.

In the past, I've used Google Analytics on this site but I've never really paid any attention to the data it produces. Since the value of the data to me is almost zero, I removed it quite some time ago to keep things as simple as possible.

As for the Hugo port, I haven't decided if I want to commit to it at this stage, but at least it should be easier without the extra weirdness of the tag plugin. I'll stick with Jekyll for now, since my reasons to migrate have largely been mitigated.