avatar My name is Ian Gilham. I'm a Software Engineer at .

My last job was at the BBC where I worked on Alexa and related voice technology for BBC Sounds. I also spent several years writing software for the broadcast systems, primarily in the publishing chain for the Red Button service distributed over digital televition broadcasts.

Before that I worked as an IT consultant for FDM Group. FDM was a great place to start my career after finishing university, providing a good entry point into the software business. I spent two years with them on a contract at Barclays Capital (since rebranded), writing C++ in the market 1data stack. I also did some related work on instrument enrichment in Java, and I sometimes delved into C# for a .NET integration library.

Before Barcap, I worked at Caplin Systems as a software developer in test, also with FDM. I helped to build proper internationalization support into Caplin Trader and improved the testing turnaround time of one of their components by several orders of magnitude. I contributed to the company's tech blog a couple of times, too.

Between my second and third years at university, I spent just over a year working for Tek Translation International (no longer trading) in Madrid, Spain. I primarily worked on the engineering side of the complex document translation business but I also did some automation work. While I was there, I took it upon myself to learn .NET and C#, and automate as many repetitive manual processes as possible. I also picked up some VBA for Microsoft Office, as the translation business still depended heavily on spreadsheets and Word macrosat the time. Desktop publishing packages presented their own challenges, and I spent a fair bit of time writing an analysis program for PDF files. And of course, I had to learn some Spanish. Fun language!

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