As I become more accustomed to using Linux on a day-to-day basis, I demand more from my basic tools than the default configuration allows. Fortunately they are generally highly configurable through rc files, like .bashrc, .vimrc, .hgrc, .gitrc etc.

I’ve often had to install and set up Linux machines and I’m constantly fiddling with various configuration files as I learn more about the settings and how I like to use the tools. This can lead to parallel edits on different machines, which quickly becomes unmanageable.

It’s about time I put that right by storing my main config somewhere convenient. To that end, I’ve started piecing together my bash .bashrc file and a few other config files for Unix-like software on Bitbucket. I will add more config files as I have time to consolidate and organise the settings that I like to use.

nixconfig project on Bitbucket