I really like the idea of a truly simple text editor. I have Visual Studio for most programming projects and Notepad++ for quick code editing. I also use Eclipse from time to time, but none of these tools can be described as simple.

Enter Dark Room, a brilliantly simple full-screen editor for Windows. You could easily say that Dark Room has one feature – basic text editing. This is an ideal environment for jotting down some quick notes without any distractions from the rest of the computer screen.

I liked the idea of it so much that I decided to spend most of my afternoon today, building a clone using the latest .NET technology. My solution, Edit Room runs on .NET 4 Client Profile and uses WPF for the user interface layer.

There is nothing original about this project, but it has been fun to put it together and learn how to do key bindings in WPF. I will put up a page about the editor soon.

Update: I have put EditRoom on bitbucket.